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。24/7 Activity Tracker 。Call,Email,App Notify
。UV Sunburn Alert 。Changeable Wrisband
。Bluetooth Low Energy 。iPhone compatible
。Android compatible 。Heart Rate Monitor
。Bluetooth Low Energy 。Android compatible
。i-gotU Sports App 。Jump & Stride sensor
。Voice Contact 。Mini Size
。SOS assisatance 。GPS Positioning
。Bluetooth Low Energy 。iPhone compatible
。Android compatible 。Cadence / Speed
。Cloud-Connected 。GPS Positioning
。Photo contacts 。Charging Cradle
。Outdoor & fitness 。Bluetooth Low Energy
。Heart Rate Monitor 。Trip Recording
。Cloud-Connected 。Weather Station
。Photo contacts 。Clamshell design
i-gotU GPS Sports & Travel Logger
。Small size 。Water-resistant
。Trip Recording 。easy to use
i-gotU GPS Sports & Travel Logger
。262,000 waypoints 。Water-resistant
。Trip Recording 。Motion Detectior
Tiny and affordable, the i-gotU can record your location every few seconds. When you get back to the keyboard, its @tripPC software can insert GPS data into your JPEG files and map them and your route on a Google Map..more
The i-gotU GT-120 was very accurate in tracking and logging my location. Once I arrived in Shanghai, China, I immediately turned it on and began to use it. When I flew to Beijing then over to Seoul, South Korea, its tracking was precise as shown on the pictures below. Moreover, the battery life was superb...more
The device as a whole is water resistant so you don't have to worry about sweat, rain, or water getting into the device and messing it up. It weighs only 20g and features a built-in SiRF Star III low power chipset. I’ve used it several times to map short and long routes and it works very well. ...more
Uns überzeugte bei den Tests, dass die Geräte einerseits durch ihren kleinen Formfaktor praktisch für lange Trips sind und andererseits die Verknüpfung mit Social Networks und Web-Fotoalben optimal zur Verbreitung de...more
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