Software Download - GT-820 / GT-900

File name
Description Date Size Download

Include driver, firmware and manual

2017.12.19 137MB
(please see Note below before you download)
OS Support
Windows 7/8/10 in 32 and 64bit

1. After updating @trip PC software, the program would appear a screen “Firmware Upgrade”. Please DON’T press OK. Just CANCEL it first, or your device data will be fully deleted. Please download and backup your trip data before Firmware Upgrade.

2. After downloading your original data, please close and open @trip PC software again.Then it will appear “Firmware Upgrade” screen, please click “OK” to start upgrading the firmware of your GPS device.

3. After firmware upgrade, please go to “General Setup” to do “Device Reset” on your GPS computer, then you can see the GPS time.

Manuals Download- GT-820 / GT-900
File name Description Date Size Download
Travel& English 2013.8.9 3.5MB
Travel& Spanish 2013.8.9 3.7MB
Travel& Russian 2013.8.9 3.7MB
Travel& Japanese 2013.8.9 3.6MB
Travel& Italian 2013.8.9 3.6MB
Travel& German 2013.8.9 3.5MB
Travel& French 2013.8.9 3.6MB
Travel& Dutch 2013.8.9 3.5MB
Travel& Trad.Chinese 2013.8.9 3.8MB
Travel& Simp.Chinese 2013.8.9 3.5MB