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i-gotU Smart Wristband - Q-Band X (Q-62)

i-gotU Smart Wristband - Q-62

The Q-62 is a new generation of Bluetooth smart wristband designed with modern style to track your all day activity. Its slim sensor core is nestled in a durable skin irritation free TPU strap for everyday comfort usage and staying connected with smart notification alert from your phones.

The sensor core integrates 128x32 OLED display, 3-axis accelerometer, UV sensor, vibration motor, Bluetooth 4.0 LE interface, and Li-polymer battery promising 10 days of tacking on a single charge.

The Q-62 makes use of the built-in sensors to track fitness metrics. This includes calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, hours slept and other personal goals. The UV sensor embedded warns you the sunburn risk. It’s on 24/7 and features smart notification alert of incoming call, caller ID, SMS, Email, calendar, and social media message such as Facebook, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Twitter with sender information and partial message content. It keeps you stay connected always. Users will never miss any call, message, and important schedule. A pressing of button allows you to easily reject any undesired incoming call.

Light weight and stylish, it comes in 3 colors: mineral black, vivid orange, and slate blue in one package. The splash-proof device is compatible with iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5C, 5S, 4S or Android 4.3 and above with Bluetooth 4.0 LE interface. Its App, i-gotU Life, supporting sync and analysis, is available for free download on Google Play store and App Store.

For more intensive user who wants to track further metrics such as duration, speed, latitude, and so on, the free i-gotU Sports App can be run concurrently on the smart phone to display these metrics on the screen of Q-62. Mobile Action’s Bluetooth 4.0 LE heart rate monitor will also work in similar way with Q-62 to track your heart rate during activity.

Main Features


Call, SMS Calendar, E-mail Social Apps
Clock Sunburn Alert Activity Tracker
Steps & Distance Calories Burned Sports App
Sleep Monitor Silent Wakeup Nap Alarm

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Dimension | Weight 25 x 1.65 x 0.86 cm / 15g
Vibration Motor Silent notification for wakeup and alerts
Bluetooth Compatibility Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy
Motion Sensor Ultra low power 3-axis accelerometer
Waterproof IPX7
(DO NOT swim or shower with the wristband/watch)
UV Sensor Ultra low power UV light sensor
Bio-compatibility Bio-compatible TPU wristband
Display 128 x 32 pixel OLED display
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-polymer battery
Battery Life (run time) Around 10 days
Operating Temperature Range -10°C~+50°C
Note (water resistance rating)
i-gotU Smart Wristband/Watch is water resistance to IPX7 (IEC standard 60529), which means it is rain-proof, splash-proof, and sweat-proof. It CANNOT withstand the force associated with water jet and swimming strokes.

Remove i-gotU smart wristband/watch before you engage the following activities:

1. Showering or bathing: Pressurized or high velocity water jet may penetrate into the device. Thermal expansion/contraction would also be harmful to it.
2. Swimming: At least to IPX8 water resistance or you cannot swim with it.
3. Sauna or steam room: i-gotU Smart Wristband/Watch operates at -10°C~+50°C. High temperature and steam may cause damage the device.

Whenever you get your wristband/watch wet, dry it thoroughly before putting it back on.

Supported Devices & Software

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i-gotU Life
i-gotU Life
This device is a Bluetooth® 4.0
device, compatible and applicable 
with many  iOS devices.

• Please click here to see
the Compatible devices

• How to establish the connection between iPhone and Q-Band?

Mobile Action will attempt to keep this list up to date with the most popular Smart phones that feature Bluetooth Smart technology however it will be possible that a particular model may exist and appear to work but not be listed as compatible.
If your Smart phone is not listed above it is possible for it to be compatible if it meets the following requirements:

1. Android 4.3 OS and above
2. Bluetooth 4.0 capable

• Please click here to see
the Compatible devices

• How to establish the connection between Android phone and Q-Band?

i-gotU Life App  

Q-Band is required to use this App. i-gotU Life is a mobile app that works seamlessly with Q-Band, a sport wristband that tracks and records your daily steps, calories, workout routines, as well as your sleep quality for further analysis. The Q-Band allows you to set up different goals to motivate yourself for more intense workouts. Through the reminder configured in i-gotU Life, you'll receive notifications of incoming calls, emails, messages, calendar events or any alerts from other social apps. In addition, while exercising outdoors, you'll be alerted with the UV index detected by the Q-Band's built-in UV sensor, so as to take precautions like putting on sunscreen or wearing long-sleeve shirts, pants, hats, and sunglasses to prevent your skin from unexpected sunburn and reduce your risk of skin cancer and early aging.



Package content

Wristband x 3 color User Manual
USB Charging Cable