Q1: How to install Q-68HR ?


1). Please make sure your Q-68HR is fully charged via USB Charging Cable when used for the first time. It takes about 3 hours before it is fully charged.
Q-68HR has power protective design before the connection. It has to be fully charged; otherwise it cannot be turned on and normally used.

2). If you are using Android phone, Q-68HR does support Android 4.3 and above version. Please download i-gotU Life app from Google Play.
If you are using iPhone, Q-68HR does support iPhone 4S and above phones / iOS 7.0 and above version. Please download i-gotU Life app from App Store.
• Please click here to see the Compatible devices.

After that, please open i-gotU Life app and follow the Setup Wizard to pair via Bluetooth and input your basic personal information.

1. If your phone Bluetooth cannot find Q-68HR, please click the Q-68HR button once and then back to App and scan again. If it still does not find anything , please charge your Q-68HR for 10 seconds to remove power protective mode... and scan again.
2. Q-68HR will connect to server and check the firmware version when the Q-68HR has first connected with phone successfully, please make sure Wi-Fi or 3G network of your phone has been turned on.

3). After finishing your basic personal information setting, i-gotU Life will download, analyze and sync data with your Q-68HR.

Please refer to the link below for the complete installation instruction:
For Android userĄGhttp://global.mobileaction.com/support/sub-Q-68/Q68_connection.Android.htm
For iPhone user: http://global.mobileaction.com/support/sub-Q-68/Q68_connection.iOS.htm