Q1: How to reset your Q-Watch Device


1. Please press and hold the button for 10 seconds. The Q-Watch will show the icon in the OLED display below.
Note: If your Q-Watch does not show the icon, and get into the Sleep Mode. Please click the button again to wake up your Q-Band.

2. When you see the disconnect icon shown on the Q-Watch, please click the button again to reset your device settings.

3. After reset your Q-Watch, the it will clear the Bluetooth settings, so you have to pair and connect with it again. Please activate i-gotU Life app on your phone, then select “Settings” > “Setup New Device” > “No. Not first time” , and follow the Installation Wizard to establish the connect between Q-Watch and your phone.

You also can refer to the video to reset your Q-Watch device: https://youtu.be/_qJadqgG1rk