i-gotU GPS Bike & Travel Computer(GT-820 / GT-900)
Product Installation

Q1: How to install the i-gotU GPS Computer & Watch (how to connect with the PC)?

Q2: How to confirm whether i-gotU GPS Computer & Watch device can work without any problem?

Software Operation

Q1: How to import my data from GT-820 & GT-900 series products into @trip PC?

Q2: How to backup (export) my initial track data (GPX file)?

Q3: How to share my trip?

Q4: How to see the information (Attributes) of my waypoints?

Q5: How to change the template?

Q6: Where can I find the POI record from @trip PC software?

Q7: Why Google Map does not show all of my waypoints on the track?

Q8: How to embed my trip in the other blog?

Q9: How to change my template to "Sport" mode?

Q10:How to backup of all data on pc? Or can I download all trips record back to my PC?

Q11: How to check the heart rate data when you are sporting?

Q12: How to export your heart rate data?

Q13: Why Sports Analyzer software does not have “Optimize track(s)” function?

Q14: Why my GPS Computer display cannot show GPS/time information and it cannot download GPS data to PC since 2016/1/1?

Hardware Operation

Q1: Why it will not show the time when I switch to Clock mode?

Q2: How to disable GPS?

Q3: How to reset my GT-820 & GT-900 series products?

Q4: How to calibrate Digital Compass?

Q5: How to adjust the Barometric Altimeter of GT-800Pro device?

Q6: How to check the version of hardware firmware & software?

Q7: Why it has not fixed the GPS location and recorded any waypoint even the screen of GT-820/GT-900 has detected several number of satellites?

Q8: How to self-defined function page?

Q9: Do GT-820/GT-900 series products support “Start Record” and “End Record” the GPS waypoints?

Q10: What’s different between Power off and Clock mode?