i-gotU Travel Logger(GT-120 / GT-600)
Product Installation

Q1: How to install the i-gotU Travel Logger (how to connect with the PC)?

Q2: How to check whether i-gotU device has been installed successfully?

Q3: Is i-gotU device compatible with Mac-OsX?

Software Operation

Q1: How to import my Travel Logger data into @trip PC?

Q2: How to backup (export) my initial track data (GPX file)?

Q3: How to share my trip?

Q4: How to see the information (Attributes) of my waypoints?

Q5: How to change the template?

Q6: Can I immediately record Waypoints anytime? Where can I find them (waypoints of Push-to-Log)?

Q7: How to check the current setting of “Tracking Interval”?

Q8: What is "Smart Tracking Mode" function?

Q9: Why Google Map does not show all of my waypoints on the track?

Q10: How to improve my waypoints which are not so accurate?

Q11: Why the @trip PC and Sports Analyzer cannot show the Google Map?

Q12: How to embed my trip in the other blog?

Q13: What can I do if the windows-Popup a "I-gotU Desktop platform EXE" problem?

Q14: How to change my template to "Sport" mode?

Q15: How to merge multi-tracks?

Q16: How to backup of all data on pc? Or can I download all trips record back to my PC?

Q17: How to combine several trips into a single trip?

Q18: Why my GPS Logger cannot download GPS data to PC since 2016/1/1?

Q19: How to check your GT-120/600 device firmware version & software version?

Hardware Operation

Q1: Why does the i-gotU device locate for so long or even cannot locate the position?

Q2: Why there is not any response when I press the button of the i-gotU device?

Q3: How much data can i-gotU device store?

Q4: How to check if the memory of the i-gotU device is full and the battery has run down? (signal light)?

Q5: How long will the i-gotU device finish locating and start to record after I turn on the power?

Q6: How can I do when I forgot the password after setting "Enable Password"?

Q7: Will the time record change if I go to different time zone?

Q8: Can I change the battery of the i-gotU device?

Q9: How long can I use the i-gotU device before the battery run down (Battery Life)?

Q10: Is it waterproof or moisture-proof?

Q11: Can I connect the i-gotU device with the PC to work as GPS device?

Q12: How to adjust time of the i-gotU device?

Q13: How to judge the LED indicators of i-gotU device quickly?

Q14: Is there any solution for the i-gotU battery which can not be replaced?

Q15: How to reset my i-gotU device?