Quick Installation Guide

Once the installation of Android Sync Manager WiFi Agent is complete, please follow the steps below to install Android Sync Manager on PC and establish connection.

Step1. Install Android Sync Manager on PC

Step2. Set up a PIN Code on handset

PIN Code: This code must be entered on both PC and handset to establish connection.

Step3. Start connection with handset

Launch Android Sync Manager on your PC, and go to: Settings > Connection:

1. Enter the PIN Code that was previously set up in your handset.

2. Enter the Handset IP (which is the WiFi IP shown on your handset screen when connected via WiFi). See the image in Step 4 for more details...

Step4. Verify connection on handset

On your handset screen, verify whether the connection between PC and handset is successfully established.

1. If WiFi connection happens to be off, press on the WiFi icon to start establishing connection.

2. Connection between PC and handset will then be established at once within a few seconds accordingly.

Note:Android Sync Manager Agent will turn off WiFi connection automatically after program has been idle for a while, for the sake of power saving. To resume WiFi connection, please return to your handset screen and press WiFi ON.