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Bluetooth® Smart Device

●Q-68HR Wristband
●Q-66/Q-66HR Wristband
●Q-77HR Heart Rate Watch
●Q-70/Q-72 Watch
●Q-60/Q-62 Wristband
●HRM-10 Heart Rate Monitor
●CS-20 Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor
●POD-30 Jump Footpod
i-gotU GPS Logger
i-gotU GPS Computer & Watch
●GT-820/GT-900 Series
●GT-800/GT-800 Pro
Senior Mobile Phone
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Smart Wristband / Fitness Watch
Bluetooth® Smart accessory
i-gotU GPS Logger
i-gotU GPS Computer & Watch
i-gotU Sports App
Senior Mobile Phone
Where to Buy
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Bluetooth® Smart Device
Q-68HR Wristband Q-66/Q-66HR Wristband
Q-77HR Heart Rate Watch Q-60/Q-62 Smart Wristband
Q-70/Q-72 Fitness Watch HRM-10 Heart Rate Monitor
i-gotU GPS Travel & Sports Logger
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GT-600 GT-120
i-gotU GPS Travel & Sports Computer & Watch
GT-820 series GT-900 series